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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Healthy Addiction

Well, it finally happened... It took me long enough... But, it finally happened! My chess rating is over 1000 on my one-minute speed chess games. Today is a good day. True, compared to most on that site, I'm not so good but I'm happy about this achievement. My grandfather, the Great Leon Weiss (who taught me how to play chess as a kid) would be proud. I will surely post a picture or two of him from my last trip to Chicago (when I beat him for the first time ever!!). Hopefully, he won't mind me posting that picture. ;)

In my life, I've learned that happiness is a state of mind and all we have are moments filled with different emotions and states of mind; happiness being one. For me, I think happiness is the most important thing in life. We want love, health, anything material, etc. because it brings a state of happiness. What's important is to hold on to those moments and enjoy each one and appreciate it. The past two weeks, I've been happier than usual, and I've let myself relax a bit more and breathe in and out in a different way than before. I've been smiling more and I know it's partly because of the light and love that someone is shining on me. It's good to have that special someone that believes in you... whether it be family, a friend, or whomever. My dear friend that means everything to me, I thank you for that and you know who you are. I think you are the reason my chess rating went up.

I'm looking forward to doing my next photo shoot with my amazing photographer Jeffrey Branover. Until then, I hope you like these #TBT pictures and enjoy the rest of your week!


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