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Monday, May 30, 2016

Fears, Bad Dreams, Letting Go, and Striving Towards Success

One of the biggest problems that many of us face, and that holds us back in life is fear. Our fears not only hold us back, but they can cause us to suffer from within. There's a great importance in when I say that we should kill the thought when something negative, toxic, or even a fear comes to mind. Killing the thought is so easy if you just comprehend exactly what I'm saying. We all have the power within us to control our thoughts, the way we think, and what we say, etc. Our words are very powerful, and they can either cause great happiness to others or severe pain. It's really up to us as far as what kind of life we want to lead, whether we choose good over evil, or to be giving, as opposed to someone that constantly takes, and consumes.

When it comes to getting what you want in life, whether they're goals, or even finding your best match as far as a partner in life, it's important to be aware of possible consequences and to think things through, but without letting fear be the reason of what's holding you back. Many times people are shy and afraid to simply talk to someone that they're interested in. It's important to think about what the worst possible case scenario would be if you actually speak and initiate a conversation. In a situation like such, the worst case scenario truly isn't all that bad when you think about it. Another example would be if someone is afraid of public speaking, or extending themself by asking for what they want as far as business goes. Like I said, fear can hold us back in a big way, and it can literally affect our lives in a negative manner if we let it

It's important to feel confident, to strive towards our dreams, and to envision our dreams as goals. Speaking of dreams, there are many people that are severely affected by their dreams, and once they awaken from them, they carry them into their daily lives, and it affects their mood. It's important to separate dreams from reality. That's why it's so imperative that we refer to our dreams as goals as far as striving towards success goes. Dreams are something that are make-believe, and when we put the idea and vision out into the world of what we want to happen to us in life, it's important to do so in a stable manner. Just remember that if you're serious about having ultimate success in your life, then it's better to refer to your dreams as goals. 

There are times when people have bad dreams (nightmares or night terrors). Many times, our bad dreams are literally created by the fears that will think consciously or subconsciously throughout our day. This is why it's important to relax and wind down before going to sleep. You shouldn't drink caffeinated products, things loaded with sugar, or consume any other types of stimulants before going to sleep. If anything, you should meditate, pray, and drink chamomile tea if it will help you to wind down and calm your mind.

When we have bad dreams, it's important to separate them from reality once you wake up. A good cure to waking up from a bad dream is to wash your hands, and even say a blessing. In Judaism, they say a blessing or bracha, al nitilat yadaim, which supposedly cleanses one from their bad dream. You don't need to be any particular religion to say a blessing or prayer, or to shake off the feeling from a bad dream. But, it's definitely good to wash your hands, and mentally and emotionally let go of a negative dream, kill the thought, and think of all of the positive things that you have, and that surround you in life. 

It's important that people don't project their bad dreams onto others if they happen to be a part of that dream. Many times people do this out of fear or worry. This is why we must separate what's real from what isn't, and let go of negative or toxic thoughts. Fear is the biggest culprit when it comes to negative, or even doubtful thoughts. It's important to give our loved ones the benefit of the doubt, and to only surround ourselves with good and positive people that strive to become enlightened and better as the years go bye.

For many of us, our biggest fears are of what's unknown, and of what's yet to come in our future. This is why it's so crucial to live in the moment, and to think ahead, but only enough to set goals, and to strive for them. It's important to embrace every moment and every breath that we're so fortunate to have. We shouldn't concentrate on what we lack in life, but instead, we should concentrate on what we have. When we desire to have more than what we have in life, it's important that we work hard for it, and not sit back, become lazy, or lack the determination or ambition to go after it. But most of all, it's important that we don't let fear be the reason that we're being held back.