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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Knowing Your Self Worth, but Listening to the Opinions of Others

Everyone has an opinion. This we all know. Some are beyond your average opinionated folk. Yes, you heard that right. Some people are so opinionated that they project their feelings of what they see and believe to be right onto others. However, that doesn't make their opinion factual. It doesn't matter who has the opinion. Whether it's someone powerful, prestigious, rich, or well known, their opinion is still merely just their opinion. Sure, that's easy to comprehend. But, is it really... 

Many people will say that they can listen to other's opinions without being affected by them, and that they'll have the final say in situations. But, that's unfortunately not always the case. For all of those stubborn people out there, try and open up your ears, and know that even you might succumb to hearing opinions, and get affected by them. Other people are not the only culprits of being stubborn and opinionated. You might be as well. Having said that, let's go through some of these questions that are important to know and understand so that we make better choices, succeed in life to our greatest potential, and that we do so with much confidence.

When we hear how others view us, our thoughts, our actions, our opinions, and our choices, how much should we let it affect us? 

We should only let what others say affect us when their opinions and suggestions are entirely coming from a good place. When they have your best interest at heart, and genuinely want to see you succeed, and feel happy. When their motives are pure, and your instinct tells you that what they're telling you is not only genuine and coming from a good place, but that you will benefit from what they're saying. 

When should we recognize some opinions as pessimistic derogatory statements?

It's important to get the opinions of others in life. Generally speaking, when someone is too arrogant and full of themselves, they're less likely to be open to hearing how others feel about things. Arrogance is nasty, so we can all go ahead and weed those people out of the equation. We don't need to worry about listening to their opinions, because if what I said is accurate, they won't ever bother to hear, listen to, or be open to your opinions, suggestions, or feelings. Arrogance usually goes along with one-sided communication. Those types of people might take a breath in between talking, and appear to be listening. But, they might simply be pretending to listen, and thinking about what they're going to say next.

When it comes to negative statements that sound pessimistic, filled with hatred, envy, jealousy, or revenge, you can weed those people out of the equation as well. Those are all toxic qualities from toxic people. You, nor I have any room for the presence of toxicity in our lives. We don't have the time, the energy, or the heart to hear all of their mumbo jumbo opinions. They'll likely not be coming from a very good place. 

It's important to know your self worth, and not to judge yourself harshly or in a negative manner. We definitely shouldn't do so, because of what other people say. What others think shouldn't define who we are or how we feel about ourselves. This even goes for when people are arrogant, experienced, and think that they know best. They're obviously not enlightened enough to express themselves in an appropriate manner. As well, they're clearly incapable of shedding any light when they're completely closed off from hearing what others feel and believe.

When should we embrace what others say, and know that they have our best interests at heart? 

When our instinct tells us that it's safe, right, and we can benefit. When people are wise, and live a life based on being a good person themselves. When they speak their mind, yet still want to know your feelings, views, and opinions. When our logic doesn't get overpowered by our emotions or vice versa, and we can keep a balance between the two. We should never be completely logical or completely emotional. When our minds can fully comprehend and embrace another's opinion, without changing anything solely because another person prefers things another way. 

When we know our self worth, love ourselves, accept ourselves, and know that we're no less when we accept the love, advice, or suggestions from others. Then, and only then should we embrace, and be open to making any changes. However, we must remember, even the wisest of people are not always wise in all aspects of their life. We should be strong and resilient enough to understand that we must do what ultimately makes us happy.