Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Be a Great Kisser and Some Extra Tips

I think that we can all agree that there's nothing better than a great kisser. There has been much controversy as to what makes someone a great kisser. Generally speaking, people feel that either someone is a good kisser or they're not. Perhaps many would say that practice makes perfect as well. I beg to disagree. It's not about practice. It's about passion and desire. If one person feels intense passion towards the next, yet the other person doesn't feel that same intense fire, chemistry, and passion, unfortunately, the kiss won't be good.

Are Attractive People Better Kissers?

Someone that's crazy beautiful or incredibly handsome won't necessarily mean that they'll be a good kisser. If they don't feel that same fire and passion for you that you feel towards them, they're good looks will leave you wondering, what happened! When passion is one-sided, even when both people would be known by others as great kissers, they'll be left thinking that the other doesn't kiss well. Beauty doesn't make someone a great kisser.

What Makes Someone a Good Kisser? 

A good kiss happens when someone has a lot of blood flowing to their lips. The amount of passion that a person feels, whether that passion is based from lust or love, it's rooted from how much they're excited by you. That excitement is what brings about the blood flow to the maximum extent. The blood flowing to the lips happens from desire and the more desire and heat that runs through your body, the more that your lips will engorge with blood. Despite what people think, it's not about the size of a person's lips, their tongue moving a certain way, or even their voice as some have debated. It's about the level of passion that a person feels. This is why whether a person is madly in love with you or if they're just crazy attracted to you, the kiss will still be amazing.

Garlic Is a Natural Aphrodisiac

Speaking of bad breath, did you know that garlic is a natural aphrodisiac. It supposedly arouses passion and desire which could definitely help the kiss. When two people have garlic at the same time, it can do wonders to the libido. There have been many studies that say that eating garlic helps promote good blood circulation. It especially helps blood flow to the lips and the pelvic region. It's all about blood flow to the lips, remember? Having said that, keep in mind that eating garlic alone isn't recommended when one person is crazy sensitive to smell. Try to eat garlic together as a couple and watch your heat and passion arise and intensify. I'd highly recommend taking some form of garlic supplement if one is too sensitive towards smell or if they have an aversion to garlic altogether.

Bad Breath

When someone has bad breath or bad oral hygiene, it's gross. Not only should a person have clean and healthy teeth and gums, but they should care what their breath smells like. Having said that, when you're in love with someone and they have bad breath from something that they ate like onions, garlic, or anything else, it likely won't bother you to the same extent that it would if you didn't feel desire and passion for them. You'd probably kiss them anyway and love it! However, some people are more sensitive towards smell than others. 

Extra kissing tips

If two people have a lot of blood flowing to their lips provoked by the extent of their incredible love, chemistry, desire, passion, or lust, they can still use some pointers. In order to say what to do to be a better kisser, I must also say what not to do. For starters, don't stick your tongue in someone's mouth from the get go. Don't be so eager and aggressive before your lips even meet. Ease into any tongue action. Your tongue shouldn't be the only part of the kiss. It should be used as a tool to keep the kiss exciting. Like everything else in life, your tongue should be used in moderation. There's no rushing when it comes to getting the most out of a kiss. Take your time and ease into any type of aggressive kissing. 

Even in movie scenes like from The Notebook, that type of excitement and fire when controlled and slowly progressed to that level of passion can be much more enjoyed and appreciated when it's eased into. Ease into the heat, because it will only build into more heat. Be patient, go slow, and know that a kiss must linger, leaving the other person wanting more. This is where teasing comes to play. Teasing doesn't mean torturing, so reeling a person in for more by letting a kiss linger, taking your lips away subtly, letting the kiss linger, and then going back for more can be enticing. You can reel them in for more by letting the kiss linger just enough.

You don't have to keep your eyes closed or open the whole time. Don't feel restricted or as if doing one or the other will be awkward. Let go, and embrace their energy. Seduce them with your eyes, open them, close them, and embrace the person through emotion, not just their mouth. Look at them once in awhile, and then go back in for more. Use your hands by touching their face. Touch is very powerful, so play with their hair or touch their head in a way that will let them know that you're into them. Love the person through your touch, as well as through your kiss. Love is the most powerful thing in the world, so a kiss based from love will make it that much better. The more that you love a person, the better the kiss will be. 

Feed off of their energy and create it when you don't feel it. Look deep into their eyes, then close them as your lips meet. Know the difference between their upper and lower lips, and make sure to give attention to both with your lips. Taste their lower lip, as well as their upper lip. Then taste both. No one likes a wet kisser that will slobber all over them, so keep it clean. Don't bite like you're an animal in the wild. If you want to bite a little, it can be sexy. But, you have to bite gently, and just enough to provoke more passion. Ease into turning your head from side to side and keep it interesting. Use your hands for caressing the person on their face or head. The key is to feed off of each other's energy and your passion for one another will increase, as well as will the pleasure of the kiss. The truth is that it's about the feeling behind a kiss that makes one a great kisser.