Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Power of Flow

During early dating, people are supposed to ask a lot of questions so that they can get to know each other better. Generally, if you ask the right questions, and enough of them early on, you'll get to know whether a person is a good match for you or not, and sooner, rather than later. If you followed my advice and tried the 3 date rule, asking the right questions is everything during early dating, and it's always important to remember that you should be on the same page, if you're going to continue dating. By being on the same page, I mean that you should find ways in which you're compatible, find out if you have any common interests, and get an idea of what you both want in the future, and whether or not it matches up. What you both want in the future should match up pretty well if you're going to continue dating each other. For example, if one of you plans on having children, or more children if they already have kids, but the other person doesn't, you should end things there. 

During early dating, things should never become too intense. By intense, I don't mean passionately, like when you're gazing into each other's eyes, because that's good. More so, I mean that things should generally flow during early dating, and there should never be any signs of drama, anger, bitterness, temperament, feistiness, uneasiness, or feelings of unhappiness. Like I said, things should pretty much flow during early dating. Early dating is a time of bliss and there should be a sense of feeling comfortable with the other person, as you get to know them more. That comfortable feeling usually happens when you're more on the compatible side, as opposed to when you're not. When you're with someone that you feel compatible with, you generally laugh a lot, become playful, flirt, feel excited, and it should turn into something that people would consider a honeymoon type of feeling. 

During early dating, I've met people, or even talk to some on the phone without ever getting a chance to meet, and I've had to end things, before they even got a real chance. At least, that's the perception of some of the guys in regards to the our past situation. They didn't feel like I gave things a chance. On the contrary, I felt that I did. I don't believe that people should get a chance at even meeting you, when the first phone call doesn't go well. Even the first phone call should be bliss, and even more so than the first date. Yes, first phone calls are essential before going on a first date. Especially, when you meet someone online or if it's a blind date. 

The reason that people shouldn't be given a chance when that first phone call doesn't go as you might've hoped, is because you'd likely asked certain questions, and upon hearing the responses, you already knew the two of you wouldn't match up down the line, and in the future. In other words, your ultimate goals and dreams didn't match up, and you weren't on the same page. As well as not being on the same page, many times if you're perceptive enough on that first phone call, you can tell whether or not someone shows signs of arrogance, or conceit in anyway. Let me tell you folks, it's a huge turnoff to many people when arrogance is something sensed within a first impression. 

Displaying confidence is not something that you have to go out of your way to do, when you've accomplished things that can truly back up your reasons for being confident. Confidence is something that should naturally exude out of a person's personality. Nothing is uglier than having a big ego, and seeing it early on, whether it's a first phone call or a first date, it can turn anybody off. When it comes to bickering or heavily disagreeing during early dating, it's a huge red flag. Whether or not that bickering started during that first phone call or possibly during any of your first few dates, it's important to recognize it as a red flag, and end the situation. Like I said before, early dating is a time of bliss, love, peace, happiness, and things should generally flow and go smoothly. If they don't flow, you're likely not that compatible with the person.