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Monday, December 28, 2015

Drenched in Your Memory

I don't know why, 
I think of you now
Laying awake,
My head's like a cloud
Memories fading
Forgot all the bad
My heart is heavy
Without you I'm sad

Dream of you daily
When I finally sleep
Damaged and frail
It's shameful I weep
You long for the sadness
Empty and cold
Feelings that follow you
Until you are old

You've been away now,
Do you remember when
You held my hand tightly
Your eyes sparkled then
That time you knew love
Afraid and unsure
It's heavy on my pillow
Hurt and insecure

When you come back
I know that you will
I'll be much older
Will you love me still
Think of you daily
This is too much to bare
Empty nights gather
I dream of your stare

Your eyes loved me dearly
They told me you do
Can she feel it
When she looks at you
You are my angel
My colour of sin
The baby cry haunts me
Dying from within

Drenched and I'm soaking
The rain pouring down
All of that love
Was I just a clown
Mad for you crazy
You just held me tight
All that I wanted
Not just one more night

I'd sing to you daily
If you were right here
I'd call you my baby
If you'd even care
Missing you badly
But now you are gone
Ending these memories
Now I must move on

Written by Anne Cohen 2015