Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat

The Lakers are suiting up tonight against the Miami Heat. Well, Kobe's not playing tonight, so for a Kobeless game, I almost feel like I should write half a Scoop. These Lakers are gonna have to turn it up even more now. This is all on these young Lakers now. The Lakers starters tonight are D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Metta World Peace, Julius Randle, and Roy Hibbert. The Miami Heat is giving their love and support for Veteran's Day, by sporting their cool, army looking jerseys. It's gametime, let's go Lakers! 

D'Angelo Russell made the first basket for the Lakers this evening. I'm curious to see what pace this game is going to go, being that the Lakers are pretty fast-paced lately, and Miami Heat is pretty much one of the slowest paced teams now in the NBA. The Heat is starting out strong, as Chris Bosh is already heading to the free-throw line, making some shots. With 5:20 left in the first quarter, every Laker now has two points. King Larry (aka Larry Nance Jr.) is on the court now, ready to show some more defense, as he did in the last game. Jordan Clarkson just got called for traveling. But, I must say, I like the way that he stays with the ball, swerving through opponents on the floor. I love his athleticism! If only Lou Williams could make his free throws. Especially, when they're so needed, like NOW. Lou Williams nearly lost the ball, but stayed with it long enough to get it to King Nance for an easy deuce. Despite whether or not Clarkson is making all of his shots, his effort is five star tonight. He's all over the court this evening, and definitely putting it all out there. The first quarter is over with a score of 29-23 Heat. 

The second quarter just started, and Marcelo Huertas is on the floor. Let's see what he can bring to the table, adding or taking away from this Lakers team. Nick Young just made a nice 25 foot three point jumper. Nick Young is 4/4 in this second quarter. The Lakers have their first lead in the game now with 36–33. Huertas is putting up some nice assists so far in this second quarter. Swaggy P is back!! Watch out Heat! Nick is on fire! He just threw up a crazy long two pointer. Hassan Whiteside is at the free throw line. Whiteside has the most blocks in the NBA right now. As well, he's having a seriously good first half tonight, playing an all-around good game. The Lakers offense is looking great in the second quarter. Hopefully they can keep up their good defense as well. Dwyane Wade just threw the ball up to Whiteside for an easy dunk. Man, Whiteside, with his dominant game, and appearance; he makes it look so easy. It looks like World Peace's game has improved a lot, now that he's back with the Lakers. He seems to have developed his game, playing much more efficiently, and with loads of effort. 

Metta World Peace is playing well tonight. He just hit a nice 3 point jumper, giving D'Angelo the assist. He's shooting well tonight from behind the arc. It's a 13-3 Miami run right now. Metta is 4/4 from behind the arc. For the season MWP is 7/9 from behind the arc. Way to go Metta! The Heat takes the lead as we head into the final quarter with a score of 75-66. The Lakers have missed a lot of shots in this second half. The Lakers defense wasn't much to speak of either. Not good, not good Lakers, come on! With a few minutes left in the game, let's see if these Lakers can turn things around. Chris Bosh is playing so well tonight. He already has 30 points and 11 rebounds. 

The Lakers look like they gave up, showing no defense at this point. Anthony Brown is in the game now. Let's see if he can help out in turning this atrocious game around, with the Heat having such a ridiculous lead. Ryan Kelly's in the game as well right now. The Lakers need to put it all out there. Miami is making easy steals in this game. What a sour fourth-quarter. I really don't see why Kobe needed to rest for the whole game. In my opinion, he could've just sat out for a few extra minutes, instead of missing the whole thing. The Heat seems to have gotten an easy win, with the final score being 101-88. Nick Young had 17 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. Louis Williams had 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. MWP had 14 points and 1 assist. Jordan Clarkson had 12 points and 2 rebounds. #GoLakers