Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Instincts Are Telling Me It Stinks (Part 2)

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We're all born with natural instincts, but in my opinion, I believe that our instincts develop and change as we get older from experiences that we've gone through. Certain things I believe to be instinctive no matter what, but certain feelings regarding love and relationships are more like trial and error. Many people that have explored relationships that didn't work out, ending in possible bad break ups, etc., can either learn from those experiences or not. When people learn from their past relationships that didn't work out, they tend to carry those experiences with them, and they either become a learning experience, or end up being considered "baggage," when you didn't learn from them. When you learn from those experiences, your instincts as far as dating and relationships change, and you become more prepared in what to expect, and what to look out for. As well, you'll likely develop better instincts when new situations arise. If you've learned from your history, you'll be more cautious the next time, and you'll hopefully follow your intuition which is probably stronger now.

Everyone wants to find that one special person that they can share their life with. Everyone wants to find their true love, their soulmate. Sometimes, it takes people a long time to find someone that they really love, and someone that they can imagine spending the rest of their life with. What people need to understand and realize is that their search will be much shorter, and they're much more likely to find that one special someone that they've always longed for, when they listen to their instinct, instead of brushing it to the side, for the momentary pleasure of what feels good "right now." 

It's one thing to live in the present or in the "now," and it's another thing to live in the "right now." The difference between living in the "now" and living in the "right now," is that when you're living in the "right now," you're living for the immediate gratification, despite the consequences that your instinct tells you exist. When you're living in the "now," you're living life to the fullest, embracing every breath, as if it could be your last. Living in the "now" is about embracing your life, appreciating what you have, and making the best out of your present and current situation, as opposed to thinking about what you don't have, haven't achieved yet, and fretting how much further you have to go until you can get to where you want to be in life. 

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