Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Biting My Tongue: Turning Negative Energy into Positive Energy

We all have insecurities, and we all have weaknesses. It takes a truly strong minded, self-aware, and resilient individual to be able to turn negative energy into positive energy. There will always be cruel and mean people in this world, and that's not something that we can change. People have to change themselves, and we cannot expect to change them. 

People have to be open-minded enough to listen to other's opinions, accept constructive criticism, and embrace becoming a better person. People have to become better people, because they want to become better people, not because we want them to become better. The only person that we can truly change from within is ourselves. Having said that, we can also inspire others to become better people, by the example that we set. 

When we act in certain ways that show signs of enlightenment, actions that are out of a pure place, and with nothing but good intentions, we're setting an example to others around us. Even when you don't know it, or see it, many people are affected by our actions on a daily basis. We're not always aware of how we affect the people around us, but we should remember to be conscious of the way we present ourselves, the way we act, and the way that we treat others. 

When I talk about turning negative energy into positive energy, I'm mainly speaking about situations and things that happen throughout our lives that are negatively provoked by others, things done by cruel, and insensitive people, etc. I'm referring to things that are done by others to us intentionally, or unintentionally, but either way, they're actions that are predominantly caused by negative behavior, and people that try to cause you pain in some way. 

When people try to hurt you by things that they say or do, they're not always aware of how much it can or will hurt you, because they don't know how much they can affect you, until you react. The premise of this article is about the reaction from the negative actions that have been done to you. When someone hurts you, you can either have a negative response, and fight back, or you can turn your negative response, which is sometimes well deserved, into a positive, and enlightened response. 

It takes such inner strength, willpower, self-control, and inner peace not to lash out at a person that's hurting you, and not only not to lash out, and respond negatively back to the person, but to respond positively, and with kindness. Some people prefer not to respond at all to other's negative comments, cruel actions, and whatnot. However, like I said, it takes so much inner strength to be able to respond in a positive manner. 

I've rarely seen people that are able to respond this way, but they exist, and I'm one of those people that are striving to be more like them in that way. I'm just as imperfect as the next person, and I have my own insecurities, sensitivities, etc. As we all do, I make mistakes just like the next person, but I strive to be a better person, and I definitely strive to make positive changes in my life, one of those things being turning negative energy into positive energy.