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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why Isn't He Calling?

The scenario: 

I went out on a date with this guy and I really like him. He seemed like he was really interested in me on our first date. We talked a few times afterwards, and I was sure he was going to call and ask me out again. But, he got quieter than an owl during the day. What happened from the first date until now and what changed his mind? Have I done something wrong or is he expecting me to call him? Maybe I should send him a little text message. I don't understand what happen, because he was digging my vibe, I was digging his vibe, and we seemed to be crazy into each other. What went wrong and what should I do?

In this scenario, my suggestion would be to move on. If this person was interested enough and wanted to see you again, he would. You don't have to remind a man that you're still alive, in order for him to think of you. If you have to remind a guy that you're there, then you're already asking for trouble, because someone should never have to do that. If you do, it may start to become a habit, and you'll always be reminding him about important things like, your birthday, anniversary, picking up medicine for your pet, and anything else that might be important to you. Of course, I'm thinking way ahead here, but the point is that you should never have to remind someone you're alive. Perhaps this guy was dating other people and found someone he liked better. The reason that he disappeared isn't important, because it was merely one date that you shared with him. When a man is interested, he asks a woman out on the second date while on the first date or usually within the next day or two. The reason a man asks a woman out on a second date very soon after a first date, is because he's really into her, and wants to get her off of the market as soon as possible. The sooner a man ask a woman out on a second date, the more he's interested in her. It's as simple as that! 

In this scenario, the girl definitely shouldn't call or text him. If she does, she'll never know if he was really interested in her or if she had to remind him about her. One thing's for sure, you don't want to be a girl that someone isn't going to pursue on their own. You should have enough confidence in yourself to know that when someone isn't interested, you need to just move on. Put yourself out on the market again and start dating. Don't think too much about the date you had with that guy, because he's not calling, not ready, not interested, and he's definitely not making the time to date you. Either way, he's not in the same place as you are, as far as dating, and you should be on the same page. Don't waste your thoughts or your time thinking about someone, and even worse, developing feelings for someone that's not that into you. Find someone who will be into you and who will pursue you. Find someone who will appreciate you, not take you for granted, and jump on the idea of a second date with you. Don't lose sleep thinking about why that guy didn't want you, and move on to the next available bachelor. I'm hoping that you meet him soon.