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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Does It Take a Lot of Money to Date in LA?

Do you find that dating in Los Angeles takes a lot of money? Do you feel like the only way you can take a girl out on a date is if you spoil her, take her to the best fine dining, high end, and trendiest restaurants? Well, I've heard this many times from people, and I beg to disagree. It doesn't take a lot of money to take a girl out on a date in LA. Sure, it takes a little money sometimes, or at least a little security money, in case you get thirsty or want to have dinner together. But, it doesn't take a lot of money to spoil a girl and make her feel special on a date. There are so many things that one can do in Los Angeles that don't cost a lot of money, or any money at all. I'm not saying that it's good to be frugal or cheap with your date. I'm merely stating that one doesn't have to spend a fortune on every single date. Spending money on a girl isn't the only way to show her you're into her. There are many ways that you can show a girl that you like her and even spoil her, without breaking your bank account. When a girl really likes a guy, it's not about the places you take her, it's about the company, and your chemistry together. A good girl, and the right girl I should say, will be appreciative of anything you do when she's truly into you, for you

In Los Angeles, I'm sad to say, but I've heard this multiple times from many people, and I believe it to be true. Many women are taking advantage of the guys they go out with for, dare I say, a free meal. How sad is that! I don't know if these women have money troubles or what the issue is, but taking advantage of people is never a good thing. If you're not interested in a guy, don't go out with him. Why make someone spend their hard earned money, if you already know that you're not interested in them. I don't understand some people's logic and for that matter, I may never. Don't get me wrong, a lot of men are taking advantage of women in many ways as well. But, in this article I'm talking about how women are taking advantage of men. As well, I'm trying to shed some light into the eyes of men, and give some insight into what dating is really all about. When you're dating someone with good intentions, you're hoping to connect on some or many levels with this person, and enjoy their company as best as you can. 

It's always nice to have a romantic, elegant, fine dining dinner. However, there's no need to go out to fine dining restaurants all of the time. You can do fun activities together like, go to outdoor, free concerts in Woodland Hills, take a stroll together at the nearest farmers market (I know that they have a spectacular one in Brentwood on a weekly basis), or go on a hike together. There are many things you can do for a date that don't require a lot of money. If you're going on a hike with a girl, bring a couple of bottles of water from home, and maybe a health bar, in case your date gets hungry. It will show her that you thought ahead and care about her. Doing such, won't define you as being cheap, but smart, as far as I'm concerned. If a woman is too snobby to appreciate the little things that you do, don't take her out again, and know that the way she's acting is very spoiled and superficial. Unfortunately, in the LA scene, many people have a tendency to bring out the worst in some people. No, it doesn't bring out the worst in everyone, but it does for many people. 

There are so many activities you can do with someone you're dating like, going to the Botanical Gardens, take a walk on Melrose Avenue together and window shop, make a romantic dinner at home (where you can be as thrifty as you like, while shopping), or even make a nice, romantic picnic under a shaded tree somewhere, as the sun goes down. Have you ever thought about going to the beach to watch the sunset, bringing some wine, and sharing a romantic toast! Did you know that every Friday evening at LACMA, people picnic on the grass and listen to the sometimes, amazing live, musical jazz performances. Did I mention that it's free! Bring food, wine, a blanket, and a few dollars for parking, and you're set. It can actually be quite romantic. I highly recommend trying it at least once. If you do, make sure to get there early, because it's starting to become a trendy, LA spot, and it can get very crowded.

There are many things you can do that cost little to no money while dating. Of course, it's always nice to live a luxurious, fancy lifestyle, but it's merely frosting, and you should remember that. The most important thing while dating is getting to know one another enough so that you can develop a healthy, strong foundation. When someone likes you, the little things don't matter as much. Believe me when I say that when a person starts to care about the material things in life, and they start to become more important than the quality time you spend together, they're not really all that into you. If you sense that someone is with you for the wrong reasons, then move on to the next person and hope that they can love you for the real you, and not what you can give to them.