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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Are You Making Dating a Priority?

It's been a while now since you've figured out what you want in someone. There's no hiding the fact that when you date, you only date with marital intentions. You consider yourself a pretty good catch, if you do say so yourself. You come from a good family, you're educated, and many would say that you look a lot like Patrick Dempsey. Hey, you can't go wrong with Dempsey, right? Did I mention that you have no wounds from previous heart breaks! Now that's impressive! So we've already established that you're a hot commodity and you know what you want. The only problem is that you rarely go out and making the time to find it. Sure, you go out on an occasional date with someone and it may even go well, but you get consumed with other things in your life that are apparently, more of a priority to you. You work long hours, you go out with your friends, you spend a lot of time with your family, and once in awhile, you except a first date. 

For someone that's looking to settle down with the best possible match, you're not only wasting your time, but you're stalling being with the love of your life, and for no good reason. It's clear that you know what you want, so why are you stalling your future? All of your friends are married, married with kids, or in the process of getting married. Some of your friends are in a relationship or at least dating a lot and trying to find the right person. Meanwhile, you're not putting much effort into finding anyone by going on a date once in a blue moon. You have to make dating more of a priority in your life. Otherwise, you'll end up missing out on many beautiful years of your youth, that you could be sharing with your true love. Is that what you want? I didn't think so! So stop stalling the process, and put yourself out on the market now!

The scenario (male perspective):

Let's say you meet a girl and you really like her. She seems to have her act together. She's got the whole package! She's beautiful, humble, confident, intelligent, independent, classy, and much more. You asked her out on a date and it went well. You even scored a kiss good night at the end, and oh my, what a kiss! Normally, you'd call her when you'd get around to it, so she'd know that you had a great time and would like to see her again. But, this time you've changed your priorities and you're gonna catch this honey and make her yours! This time, you text and call her right away and set up another date. Now, you're a winner and you're going after what you want and making it a priority.

The scenario (female perspective):

You meet this guy and he's a knock-out, a close resemblance to Patrick Dempsey. Anyway, he's confident, intelligent, funny, and such a perfect gentleman. You think he likes you too. Well, you sure hope so! He asks you out for a second date, while on the first date, and you're normally very hesitant. Why you're always hesitant, G-d only knows! When a man usually asks you out on the spot for a second date, during the first date, knowing that you're available, you'd tell him that you'd let him know by the next day at some point. But, this time, you knew you were available, and you accepted the date with grace and all of your heart. 

There are many places you can go to meet someone new. It's not really as much about the place, as it is having your priorities straight. You should change your approach in dating and put more effort into it. You can meet someone as soon as you put that charismatic energy out there that you're single and ready. You've been going out on occasional first dates, so all you have to do now is make the time to keep dating them if you like them, or find somebody that you like better. But, stalling or not making the time to date, is not going to get you to where you want to be. The time is now and you should be going out as much as possible and making dating more of a priority than hanging out with your friends. It's important to spend time with family, but if your family wants what's best for you, then I'm sure they'll understand and want you to be out there dating and meeting someone special. Your new priority now is going to be dating and finding that special person that you can spend the rest of your life with. When your heart is open and you know what you want, nothing should keep you from attaining it. Go after who you want and stop wasting time making lame excuses. Make an effort to live a balanced life, part of which is finding your soulmate, and I hope you do.