Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Our Lakers starters tonight are Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Lin, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, and Wesley Johnson. Let's see if the Lakers are ready to play tonight from such a deflating loss and come back stronger. Jeremy Lin just got the Lakers first basket of the game. Blake Griffin just threw a beautiful pass under the basket to DeAndre Jordan, making a nice basket. Blake Griffin just got another assist, getting the ball to J.J. Redick for a 20 foot jumper. We're halfway through the first quarter and the Clippers are in the lead. J.J. Redick just made a driving layup. Jabari Brown just got a nice deuce. It looks like Jabari Brown has a nice shot tonight. He just shot another basket, but it went in after the buzzer, getting a foul. The Lakers kept this first quarter close, ending at 21-23 Clippers. 

The Clippers are number one in the NBA for efficiency, but the credit goes mostly to the starters. Ed Davis just got a flagrant one foul. He reached for the ball in Austin Rivers' hand, knocking him in the head. The Clippers just got the first offensive rebound of the night. The Lakers have got to start making their shots. We're halfway through the second quarter and the Clippers have kept the lead. Chris Paul just missed a driving layup. Jordan Clarkson just made a 7 foot jumper, Lin getting the assist. Blake Griffin just made a driving layup. Ryan Kelly just made a dunk, Wesley Johnson getting the assist. We're going into halftime with a score of 39-50 Clippers. 

Coming back from the half, both teams have 5 turnovers. DeAndre Jordan just got a nice dunk, Matt Barnes getting the assist. Jeremy Lin just threw a great pass to Tarik Black, Tarik getting a sick dunk. Blake Griffin is just all over this game once again, as he gets another slamdunk, heading to the line. It's funny how the expressions on the Clippers faces are, I want to win and the Lakers expressions look as if they're in pain. What's that all about?! Jeez Louise! DeAndre Jordan just hit another shot. We've got less than a minute left in this third quarter and the Clippers are completely dominating this game once again. Jabari Brown just lost the ball, getting a turnover as Chris Paul stole the ball. Jordan Clarkson just hit a beautiful triple, Jabari Brown getting the assist. We're heading into the fourth quarter, Clippers still in the lead. 

Jabari Brown just threw up a basket knocking Big Baby Davis in the head with his elbow. Glenn Davis looks like he recovered quickly though, as he gets right back up and into game mode. Jabari Brown just made a 27 foot shot. Austin Rivers just made a sweet driving layup. Ryan Kelly just made a driving layup, giving Dwight Buycks the assist. Robert Sacre just made a 17 foot jumper giving Jabari Brown the assist. It's unbelievable that the Lakers have caught up in this final quarter and are only down by two points. Blake Griffin just made a 14 foot jumper, Chris Paul getting the assist. The Lakers are shooting 60% in this fourth quarter. Robert Sacre just put up a nice hook shot. Chris Paul just got his ninth assist tonight, as he threw up the ball to Matt Barnes, Barnes slamming the ball in the hoop. The Clippers are on an 8-0 run. 

Wow! Blake Griffin is just tearing it up tonight! He never ceases to impress me with his athleticism and aggressive game. He's really turning it up in these last two minutes of the game. He went up to get a basket twice in a row, each time wounding another Lakers player. First, he knocks Jeremy Lin in the face with his elbow and then he knocks Ryan Kelly. What can I say, that's part of the game. Blake Griffin is at the line shooting free throws, making 1 of 2. Ed Davis just got an easy couple of points. It's a six point game with one minute to go in the fourth, Clippers in the lead. Wesley Johnson just hit a long two pointer. But, that doesn't match up for Blake Griffin making another 23 foot jumper. Oh Lord! Well, I'm glad these Lakers turned it up in this final quarter, but it wasn't enough matching up to this Clippers team. Tarik Black just hit another shot, with 16.4 left to go on the clock, the Clippers with a 4 point lead. The Clippers take the win with a final score of 100-105. Jordan Clarkson had 20 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists. Wesley Johnson had 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. Jabari Brown had 7 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists. #GoLakers