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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Let's see if Ryan Kelly can turn it up tonight. We didn't see much from him in the last game. Tarik Black played well in the last couple of games. Let's see what these Lakers can do tonight. Our Lakers starters are Jeremy Lin, Ryan Kelly, Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black, and Wesley Johnson. It's always fun to play against the Clippers. Watching Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan play is always fun. I'm hoping the Lakers can play some good defense tonight and dominate this Clippers team. I've never been much of a Tarik Black fan, but I must say, he's got some game lately. He's definitely showing some improvement as this season progresses. 

Chris Paul just gave a behind the back pass to Blake Griffin. Blake got the ball to DeAndre Jordan, DeAndre getting the dunk. Wouldn't it be nice if Blake Griffin was on our team?!! He's such an incredible player. Speaking of the devil, he just got a couple of free throws, making both. The worst free throw shooter of the league is about to attempt a couple of free throws, DeAndre Jordan. He made one of two. Wesley Johnson just hit a shot, making it his 6th attempt in this first quarter (he's made two). Chris Paul just got surrounded with Lakers, holding onto the ball, getting it to Blake Griffin, with Blake hitting a beautiful 17 foot jumper. Jordan Hill just made a 20 foot jumper. Dwight Buycks just got in the game. He made his debut with the Lakers in the last game. It's the end of the first quarter and the Lakers are trailing by 7 with a score of 23-16 Clippers. 

Jabari Brown just hit a beautiful three point shot. He's becoming quite the amazing three point shooter. Matt Barnes just hit a nothing but net shot. Who would've thought he could do that?! DeAndre Jordan just slammed the ball down, getting a nice deuce. Ryan Kelly just made a nice three pointer. Blake Griffin is such an athletic player that even when he misses a shot, he makes it look good. The Clippers are showing some great ball movement. The Clippers have maintained their lead throughout most of this second quarter. Blake Griffin just knocked down another one. DeAndre Jordan already has 4 steals. DeAndre Jordan just missed a couple more free throws. We're heading into the half with a score of 49–36 Clippers. 

Jeremy Lin just got his second basket. He's had six attempts so far. J.J. Redick just got the ball to Blake Griffin for a 16 point jumper. The Lakers already have 13 turnovers. Austin Rivers just made a 24 foot three point jumper, giving Chris Paul the assist. Why is it that whenever I look up at the screen, Doc Rivers is having a fit on the sideline?! In all seriousness, he's a pretty badass coach. The Clippers are dominating this Lakers team. I mean seriously, I think Chris Paul literately bounced the ball between Carlos Boozer's legs, making a fast break for the basket. Now that's what I call basketball! If you're going to take the Lakers down, put on a little show and turn on your swagger. Where's Nick Young when we need him?!! Speaking of Nick Young, as of tonight we've heard that he's going to be out for the remainder of the season (most likely). 

Matt Barnes just hit another three pointer. Matt Barnes has 4 of the Clippers 10 three point shots in this game. It's Lob City here tonight in Los Angeles. Chris Paul just set up an alley oop for DeAndre Jordan, slamming it in. Just after, Chris Paul throws the ball up to Blake Griffin, Griffin getting a slam dunk. Holy, holy, guacamole!! Turn the scoreboard off!! Wow! The Clippers just stole the ball again. The Lakers have 19 turnovers now. It seems like the Lakers aren't even trying at this point. It's like they gave up or something. This really isn't a very surprising outcome, being that the Clippers have so many star players and we're predominantly using our bench players. Some of our players are actually straight out of the D League. Maybe I'm a sore loser or maybe it's just not a fair match. I know, I know, win like a man and lose like a man. You know, when Wesley Johnson is your leading scorer, you know you've got problems. I suppose, there's no need to write Lakers stats tonight. Ryan Kelly just gave a nice pass to Ed Davis, getting his shot. Let's hope that we don't play this poorly in our next game against the Clippers this Tuesday. Game over. Final score 106-78 Clippers #GoLakers