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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

It's Game Time. I'm hoping tonight Jordan Clarkson can turn it up, as he matches Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has been known to be a beast on the court. Russell Westbrook shoots the second to most free throws in the league. As well, Oklahoma City Thunder gets the second to most fouls in the entire NBA. The incredible Kevin Durant is still out of the game for foot soreness. He's missed about 45 games so far and will miss the rest of the season. 

Our Lakers starters tonight are Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Lin, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, and Wesley Johnson. The Lakers are starting out with a zone defense tonight. Russell Westbrook is already at the free throw line. In case you haven't heard, the Great Steve Nash has Officially retired from the NBA. He was definitely one of my all time favourite players. The Thunder is taking the lead with 2:30 left in the quarter. Enes Kanter is having a great game. As well as Tarik Black, slamming some nice ones in. Kanter already has a double double in a mere 11 minutes. This is Enes Kanter's 6th straight double double. He's such an impressive player. The Thunder has had some crazy good rebounding tonight so far. We're heading into the second quarter and the Lakers are down by 10 with a score of 37–27 Thunder. 

The Thunder is starting off this second quarter strong. D.J. Augustin just got an assist, getting the ball to Steven Adams. Again, D.J. Augustin just set up an alley oop to Westbrook, taking another assist, as Westbrook slams the ball in the hoop. That was beautiful! Robert Sacre just picked up his second personal foul. The Lakers just turned the ball over for the seventh time. Jordan Clarkson just made an awesome dunk, throwing it down with both hands. Jeremy Lin just hit his second three pointer of the first half. Westbrook already has 10 assists. The Lakers are making this seem so easy for the Thunder. Anthony Morrow just made a 25 foot three point jumper at the last second. We're going into the half with a score of 68–53 Thunder. 

The Thunder is already starting out this second half with some great rebounding. Jeremy Lin is playing really well as a starter. He's spending a lot of time at the free throw line and he already has 18 points. He's the leading scorer of the whole game so far tonight. The Lakers are catching up early in this third quarter, with some help from Jordan Clarkson, giving them a 9 point deficit. I spoke too soon, as Jordan Clarkson just became the leading scorer of the game with 20 points. He's playing an all around great game tonight. Russell Westbrook is so quick and so smooth, as he gets the ball on defense and then again on offense. Westbrook gets a defensive rebound and makes the layup. Then, Jordan Clarkson makes a bad pass, letting Russell Westbrook steal the ball. Then Westbrook makes another layup. Holy Ravioli! He's so money! What a player! The big boss, Ed Davis just made a couple of free throws. In the last game, Ed Davis had 8 points, blocked 4 shots, and had 11 rebounds against the Sixers. When he wants to, he can play some mean bball. Westbrook just knocked down another triple. Jordan Clarkson just drove to the basket, getting an And1, making his shot. We're heading into the fourth quarter with a score of 100-88 Thunder. 

The Thunder already has 58 points in the paint. Sacre just looked like he was glued to the floor, trying to get the ball in the hoop from right under the basket. Of course, he missed his shot. What was that?! I can't help but think Jeremy Lin is becoming a very selfish player. The way he helped to get the win in the last game doesn't truly help the Lakers succeed in the long run. It's definitely short term light and long term darkness. It's one thing to get good stats and it's another not to know when to quit. We need to have the opportunity to have a better team next season and Jeremy Lin playing well is great, but he needs to chill a bit right now. 

Dion Waiters is having a good game tonight. He just slammed one in, making a driving dunk. Anthony Morrow just made a nice three point jumper. It's nice to see Jordan Clarkson playing so well. He's already at his career high of 25 points. The Lakers are shooting 52% so far in this game. It's nice when the Lakers put out a little effort like this. Even when we lose, it makes "The Scoop" more bomb. Next season, we're going to be killing it when we get our MVP back. Jabari Brown just scored a basket. He's a good kid and it's nice to see him gets some minutes. Jordan Clarkson just made a nice layup giving him 30 points. Oklahoma City Thunder takes the win with a final score of 127-117. Jordan Clarkson had 30 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists. Jeremy Lin had 19 points, 2 rebounds, and 7 assists. Ryan Kelly had 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists. #GoLakers