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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Kobe Bryant only needs nine points to pass the Great Michael Jordan. Kobe sure is taking his time in this game making shots. He seems to be working on his assists. Go figure! I think he likes the intense build up from the crowd (and me). Minnesota is the worst 3 point shooting team in the league and they keep trying to take 3 pointers with little success. The Lakers showing good ball movement in the first quarter. Proud of them, especially with the last game in their pocket. They played well the last game overpowering the Spurs in OT. Well done Lakers! Minnesota missing their shots. Heading into the second quarter with Lakers in the lead at 22-19. 

It's nice to see Jeremy Lin showing some improvement. Good for him! Just as I wrote that, he traveled. Good grief! The Timberwolves look a bit sloppy. Let's hope that these Lakers can take advantage of that. Nick Young took his time getting on the board. Boozer helping the team out tonight hitting a couple nice shots... AND 1 baby! In Kobe Bryant's 19th year in the NBA, Kobe passes MJ and is now number three in NBA's all time scoring list! Congrats to Kobe!! He looks happy! :) Lakers are still in the lead. Let's see if we can thrive off of this positive celebratory energy and win this game. Ronnie Price had some great defense in this first half. Halftime ending at 49-44 Lakers.

The Lakers keeping their lead in the third quarter which is nice to see. Usually by the third, the Lakers have been losing their enthusiasm and drive, but tonight it's here and it's on! Jeremy Lin seems to have dramatically changed his mentality and is taking his role with the Lakers more seriously. I like what I'm seeing with him and I truly hope he can maintain these awesome improvements. As Stu Lantz put it, tonight Nick Young has been ice cold. Let's see if we can keep our nice lead heading to the fourth.

In the fourth quarter, Carlos Boozer really helping the team out making his shots. He seems to be doing really well coming in off of the bench. Kobe steps back on the court and throws down a nice three. It's come down to a very close game. So close that the nerves are kicking. It was a tie game of 94-94 until Kobe threw up a 3 that brought the Lakers back up in the lead. A beautiful Lakers win with a score of 100-94. Kobe stats were 26 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. Good game! #GoLakers