Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tangled and Tied

Do you dance with the wind
Does it make his soul soar
Are you higher than the trees
Or empty as his core
Would you feel his love shine
If he didn't utter a word
Would your heart know the pain
Of a silent dying bird

Stir your thoughts now
Let wisdom seep through
God has His powers
Which some of, He gave to you
Dream of him now
On those rare nights you sleep
Count your blessings daily
And pray before you leap

On the day of magic
When it finally does occur
Hold your head up gently
Try to act demure
Embrace the calm light of God
Through the gift He gave to man
The gift of mate is plenty
It all lies in His hand.

                            -Anne Cohen

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Love, xoxo