Thursday, June 30, 2016

Does the Person You're Dating Love You? Here's How You'll Know

There are many people in life that will do anything in order to be with someone that they really, really like. When someone really wants to be with someone, they'll be willing to go out of their way for them in many ways. They'll tend to put effort into it every little thing that they do when it comes to showing the person that they care, and how much they care. They might even put the person before themselves at times, and suck it up so to speak, when it comes to being inconvenienced. The point is, when someone wants to be with you, they'll not only go out of their way for you, but they'll make it known, and you'll be able to tell in an obvious way by their actions. 

I've written before about how there should be a healthy balance between one's actions and words. But the truth is, many times people have a hard time saying the words that you might need to hear, or even want to hear from them. The actions of love that someone can display are so numerous and endless that when their partner sees their actions in such a way, they'll instantly know how much they care. Sometimes the truth is hard to bear. When it comes to seeing that the person that we're dating isn't putting much effort into showing us that they care by their actions or words, or perhaps mostly, just by their actions, it can be truly confusing and hurtful. You should never have to question whether or not someone wants to be with you, or even if their intentions are pure. You should know when someone wants to be with you by their actions. 

Words are easy to say, and any brainless fool can come up with the right things to say in order to get what they want. As I heard Ryan Seacrest this morning reiterating a quote on the radio, it made me think. He said something in regards to other people's choices being their karma, and our choices being our karma. I couldn't agree more. People that play mind games, and have ulterior motives or bad intentions are doing themselves an injustice. Hurting other people is just bad, and won't help them become more enlightened. If anything, the people that get used, abused, and hurt from people that play mind games or abuse them in any way will have a chance at becoming more of an enlightened individual if they can to be resilient from these types of things that they've gone through. 

If your partner has trouble communicating their feelings to you, it could lead to great conflict they you might choose to hold inside. It's imperative to release your feelings, and communicate them. When someone doesn't allow you to express yourself, they likely have some type of control issue or they might even be avoiding conflict from emotional unavailability or commitment phobia. If you perhaps chose to bring up the question of whether or not they're "feeling it," when they avoid letting you know, postponing the conversation, or even if they try to put you down for bringing up such "heavy subjects," they're clearly commitment phobic, and you should end the situation immediately.

Don't let yourself develop feelings any more than you might've for someone that's emotionally unavailable or torn about how they feel for you. The right person will love you completely and fully where you won't even have to question their love or intentions. As well, the right person won't mind if you question them or ask them if they love you, still love you, or if they're 'feeling it" in any way. When someone loves you for you, has pure motives, good intentions, and a heart of gold, they'll go after what they want, and they'll not only make it known to you that they want to be with you and how much they care, but they'll do anything in their power to keep you, make you theirs, and they'll likely be open to improving your relationship when in need. 

Remember, be with people that want to be with you. Love people that will love you back in return. If you want to know if the person that you're dating or in a relationship still loves and cares for you, look at their actions, and see if they correlate with their words. Love isn't supposed to be a guessing game or any game for that matter.