Friday, November 13, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks

The Lakers are taking on the Dallas Mavericks tonight, and guess what? Kobe is back! The Lakers are starting out strong with Kobe making the first two shots of the game. Both teams are playing pretty well. The Mamba is now three for three. Nowitzki just shot a beautiful rainbow shot from outside. All of the Lakers starters are now on the boards. We're halfway through the first quarter, and the Lakers are up by 10. Matthews just took the ball right out of Kobe's hands. The Mavericks are doing a 360, turning this game around. Just as I said that, Louis Williams makes a 25 foot, three point jumper. The Mavericks just took their first lead of the game by 1 point, with 2:39 left in the first quarter. The Mavericks are up by five and we're heading into the second quarter. 

Kobe Bryant is now four for four. I love the fact that he's shooting a lot tonight! Kobe is taking over the game! He's the first player tonight in double figures. Now I see the real reason why Kobe rested for two games. Brace yo selves fools!! The Lakers defense is looking good tonight. Nowitzki just made a nice two pointer, with a little fade away action, as he exchanges smiles with Bryant. J.J. Barea just made a bad pass, giving Jordan Clarkson the steal. Kobe Bryant just hit a beautiful fadeaway shot! With 2:42 minutes left in the half, not one Mavericks player is in double figures. Jordan Clarkson already has three steals in this first half. Kobe looks like he definitely wants to win this game, and he's putting it all out there. Did I speak too soon? Kobe's starting to miss some shots, which means he definitely needs to start passing a little bit. The Mavericks are once again, turning things around. Man, Nowitzki is a beast! He owns that Mavericks team! He just dominates the court so well. We're going into the half, ending on a note with the Mavericks taking a 5–0 run. Halftime score is 46-40 Mavericks. 

Coming back from the half, the Mavericks stay in the lead, but not for long. D'Angelo Russell just made a 25 foot three point jumper. The Lakers just made back to back three pointers. Roy Hibbert has 4 fouls, which is the most of anyone in the game so far. He's clearly heading to the bench. Kobe just threw an incredibly long pass down court to Clarkson for an easy layup. I wouldn't exactly say that we have superstar Kobe tonight. But, I'd definitely say that he's playing better than he has been for some time now. He seems to be well rested. The Lakers have 8 points in the paint, and the Mavericks have 22, with 6 minutes left in the third. Both teams played awful in the third quarter. It's been seriously hard to watch, let alone write about.

The fourth quarter is starting out pretty lousy as well. This has become one of those seriously unwatchable games. Kobe just hit a sweet three. Kobe tried again, but missed. Honestly, I'm witnessing some awful shooting by both teams. Kobe just got the ball to Nick Young, Nick missing a long shot, Brandon Bass getting the rebound, and an easy layup. Louis Williams just stole the ball, sprinting down court, making a two pointer, with an AND 1. The Lakers are now only down by one point. Clearly I spoke too soon, as Matthews knocks down a nasty three. Clarkson just hit another shot. Roy Hibbert just blocked a shot with all of his dominance. That was an unbelievable blocked shot by Hibbert! This game is starting to get a little exciting. I'm definitely at the edge of my seat. World Peace needs to stop shooting! When any player is 0 for 7, it's time to take a seat. This game was an insane roller coaster ride. The Mavericks take the win with a final score of 90-82. #GoLakers