Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alexa Ranking Obsession

We all know what an obsession is, so now I want to explain to those that don't know what an Alexa ranking is. An Alexa ranking (or rating) is a measurement comparing how much traffic your site gets in the world and in the country you're in, compared to other sites. It determines how much traffic you get by how many unique visitors head to your site, as well as how many page views you get. It's a way of knowing how well your site is doing. Alexa can keep very close track to your ranking, but then you have to pay for it (not much I hear, but still). An Alexa toolbar is an extension that you can download free onto your computer, and it will still give you a pretty good estimate as to what your ranking is, keeps track of your web traffic metrics, as well as other web analytics. In other words, Alexa lets you know how well your site is doing. You can imagine how one could get so obsessed with knowing how well their site is doing. Especially, when they're so passionate about their site, and how much effort they're putting into it.

I started wondering the other day, as I usually get carried away brainstorming on new ways to improve my blog's Alexa ranking, how can I keep checking my rating, when I'm not by the computer. Yep, you guessed it, I'm addicted to checking my Alexa ranking. I have the Alexa toolbar and all! It's kind of ridiculous, because many people and businesses these days don't even consider an Alexa ranking that big of a deal, and they look for other things like your PA (Page Authority) or your PR (Page Ranking). But for some reason, I'm into it, and I get happy when my global Alexa and U.S. ranking improves. 

I hate to admit it, but I have index cards taped to my computer desk, and I write down my daily ranking every single day (and night sometimes). I realized that I'm checking a bit too much, and paying such close attention to watching as my ranking hopefully improves. But, yesterday, when I started brainstorming, I figured, they should make an Alexa Toolbar for your cellphone, so people can check throughout the day. Oh boy, now I know I'm taking this too far! 

What many people that also have an Alexa Ranking Obsession might not realize is that your world ranking (or global ranking) doesn't change from how much traffic you get each day, but over a duration of about 3 months, and it's relative to how well other blogs and sites are doing as well. So every day checking, despite that I love doing it, doesn't change that drastically for a few months. In other words (note to self), chill with the non-stop checking! In the past, sometimes I've wondered when I get so many shares of my blog posts on social media, why does my ranking get worse, and the reason is because not only does it take 3 months to get a long term result and positive improvement, but other people's traffic and Alexa rank changing affects yours as well. Blog life and SEO is kind of like the stock market if you think about it.