Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't Trash Talk, Too Early

The Lakers drafted D'Angelo Russell with our number 2 pick!! He's known to be an all-around amazing player and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table! Russell definitely has a good chance of being a superstar. I'm looking forward to seeing how Kobe plays with a great PG. Watching Clarkson and Russell play together is going to be awesome as well. D'Angelo just got his Official jersey number 1. The excitement is going through the roof. It's pretty clear why we didn't pick Okafor, even though he's a great player, for I hear in college ball, he played little to no defense. Can't have that on our team!

It's easy to talk trash about Larry Nance Jr. from all the hype from his tweet on May 1, 2012, "Gee I sure hope Kobe can keep his hands to himself in Denver this time.." with the hashtag "rapist." I don't like to comment on all of that, but I'll just say that Kobe's personal life is private and basketball is basketball. None of us were there in the room when anything went down, so none of us should talk trash about it. I'm sure he regrets tweeting that now, being that he's going to play under Kobe Bryant's wing (if he lets him). 

Larry is getting a lot of early haters, even from Lakers fans from his need to tweet his opinion on Kobe's life. His karma now is that people are talking trash about him for it. That sucks because Larry coming to play for the Lakers is like having a blank clean slate and his game is so good, we should all be happy for him and in celebratory mode. When you're thinking of coming to the NBA, you shouldn't talk trash about the best player in the league. Larry Nance Jr. came off sounding super arrogant when he received word of the Lakers taking him in as the 27th overall pick in the NBA draft. However, I know that Nance is a big fan of Kobe Bryant, as far as basketball is concerned. Personally, I appreciate the type of player that seems very fortunate, thankful, and describes his happiness in ways like D'Angelo Russell does, "Dreams come true." Having said that, I hear Larry Nance Jr. Is a great player and can add heavily to this Lakers team. I'm looking forward to seeing his game.

The Lakers selected Stanford's Anthony Brown with their 34th pick. Anthony Brown is known to be a great shooter and a good defensive player as well. Did I mention he's a Kobe fan? He sounds really excited to be a part of the Lakers franchise and describes it as a "surreal feeling." There's nothing like getting players with good hearts that appreciate coming to play for your team. Rather than players that come in with an arrogance that should only be present when you show you can back it up. Not that arrogance is a good thing to have, because it's not. I'm talking about athletic arrogance which develops over time, the better you get, and happens naturally as your game gets good. Welcome home to these fabulous players and let's show this NBA who's boss! #GoLakers