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Friday, January 2, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Can the Lakers do it again tonight? It's gametime! Ryan Kelly missed the last 22 games due to a torn right hamstring, but he's back and ready to play tonight! The Lakers are looking hot tonight. Ed Davis is wearing a mask from breaking his nose in the previous game. Carrying with him some Zorro energy or something tonight. He's playing well! I don't usually have much to say about him, but I love when my Lakers come back from an injury and play even harder. 

Kobe Bryant is giving some nice passes in this first quarter. I wish more of them would go in the basket though. Oh my God! Ed Davis did it again! Ed Davis used to play for Memphis in 2013-2014, so I guess he's showing his old team who's the boss. It looks like he's taking his starter position seriously. Kobe only shot the ball once in this quarter. He needs to turn it up more. But all in all, this first quarter was nice to watch. Kobe takes a seat, while Nick Young hits a nice shot, showing off his swaggy, new, hair style. Ed Davis stats in the first quarter were 9 points and 6 rebounds. 

The Lakers are staying strong in this second quarter. Jeremy Lin is playing well tonight. He's the first Laker in double figures tonight. Tayshaun Prince just made a crazy, difficult shot look easy. Kobe just got back in the game and gets another assist, handing the ball to Nick Young. Kobe's amazing, but he needs some points. Time to shoot Kobe. Tony Allen gets a flat, break away, all alone at the basket, and he misses it. He tries again, and again, and again! He misses the shot four times! That was some crazy basketball right there! Kobe just drove up to the basket and hit a shot. We need to see him do more of that. It's halftime and the Lakers are up by five with a score of 52-47. 

We've started the third quarter and Kobe's only taken four shots in the game so far. Did I speak too soon?! Kobe is starting to shoot, and your Lakers Blogger is a happier girl. Ronnie Price gets a nice steal with an easy basket. However, the stable Lakers lead has come down to merely one point. Wesley Johnson fumbled twice in a row. Perhaps he needs some rest to think about that. Marc Gasol is playing well as usual. The Grizzlies are now a couple points ahead. Wait!! Jeremy Lin comes into the game, steals the ball, and gives the Lakers back their lead. Shortly after that, Lin hits a "nothin but air" shot. What?! Kobe is sitting down again?! Geez, he's played 28 minutes so far and it's still the third quarter. Byron Scott is hoping to limit Kobe's minutes to 32, so hopefully we'll get to see Kobe play a bit more than he expected. 

The Lakers lost their lead to Memphis in this fourth quarter. However, Nick Young has turned up his fire at the right time, keeping it close. The Lakers came out really strong tonight. It would be really sad if they don't give it their all in this last quarter. Ed Davis is a hero tonight! This Zorro, Phantom mask he's wearing must be lucky. He should wear it in every game. Seriously though, I hope he maintains his enthusiasm and all around game for the rest of the season. Kobe just missed an important shot with less than two minutes to go and we're two points under. Ed Davis does it again! Our MVP just made a three pointer!! There are 11 seconds left in the game and the Lakers are down by two points. Here we go! Tayshaun Prince gives Ed Davis an incredibly, hard foul with two seconds left. Ed Davis makes 1/2 free throws and we're down by one. That was a lot of pressure on Davis. Oh well, good game. The final score was 109-106 Memphis. Kobe stats were 15 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists. Ed Davis had 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 1 assist. Nick Young had 14 points, 1 rebound, and 2 assists. #GoLakers