Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

The Mamba is back tonight! Ronnie Price is out with the flu, and likely still healing from the broken nose he got in the last game. The Clippers are my favourite team to play against. It's always good to play against another team that has superstar players. Blake Griffin, for example. As much as I like seeing Blake have good stats and dunk, I obviously still want their team to lose. If we're lucky, we'll get to see Blake Griffin put on a show tonight. He's definitely one of my favourite players. Not to mention, the best dunker in the league. As long as Blake puts on a show, Kobe gets good stats, and the Lakers leave with a win, it will be a good night. 

The Clippers have the second most home wins in the NBA. It's really hard for any team to play against this Clippers team. To have Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and J. J. Redick all playing on one team... That's one sick team. Oh my God! Blake Griffin is such a phenomenal player. Any time he gets too close to the basket, it's Lob City. The Clippers are dominating this first quarter. The Lakers are looking sloppy with their defense. Kobe has no points this first quarter. Heading into the second, the Lakers are down by ten points. 

The Lakers are definitely trying, but this Clippers team is really tough. Chris Paul is playing some incredible basketball, as usual. He's an amazing player. He has the best assist-to-turnover ratio in the league. Blake Griffin might as well have a chair at the free throw line, he's there so much. Like I said before, when Kobe Bryant and Ed Davis are playing together, good things happen. The Clippers just got their first turnover, and it's almost halftime. Oops, and now they have their second one. Blake Griffin just had a crazy-beautiful dunk. Where was our Lakers defense?! It's halftime with a score of 70-48 Clippers. 

In the first half Kobe Bryant had 0 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds. It's seriously time for some Kobe points. The Clippers have a great lead, so the Lakers really need to turn it on in this half. Kobe has 4 turn overs and he's 0/6. He really needs to get into rhythm. I think he's simply missing too many practices and games. Having said that, he's being a great facilitator lately. Wow! Blake did it again! Can't help but love this guy! He just gets the ball, flies to the basket, and dunks. Jordan Hill is having another all around, good game. Kobe just got his first basket of the game. Matt Barnes is playing a mean game. Nick Young should stop taking three's when he misses so many in a row. The Lakers have a huge deficit with a score of 99-63 going into the fourth. 

Going into the fourth, our new Laker, Tarik Black is now on the floor. Nick Young seems to be struggling with his shots going in tonight (compared to how many he's taken). He can play better than this. This is such a large deficit, I'm just glad Kobe's resting now. The Clippers just made their 11th three pointer. I think that's even above their average. Nick Young throws the ball to Jordan Clarkson and he lobs it in. Clarkson's playing a little better lately. The Lakers fell to the Clippers for the second time this year. The final score was 114-89 Clippers. Kobe stats were 4 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. Nick Young had 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 points. Jordan Clarkson had 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. Tarik Black had 5 points and 3 rebounds. #GoLakers