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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards

This first quarter was a real nail biter. I saw Kobe's first missed layup EVER. Maybe he sneezed on his way up. Yeah, that's the ticket! While I'm bringing up lousy shots, what is up with Ed Davis?! I'm sitting here rooting for the guy, praising him, and the rookie isn't bringin any game! Ed Davis seriously needs to get in the gym and practice his shots more. Kobe really puttin it out there in this first quarter. His stats are looking good. Let's see if he can keep this up... I hope, I hope. Kobe basically played the whole first quarter and beautifully, I might add. First quarter ending at 33-27 Lakers. 

Second quarter, Lakers staying in the lead. The Lakers really hitting their threes. Once again, my feelings about Jeremy Lin have proven to be true. You never know when he's gonna decide to play ball. One night he plays well and one night he plays plain awful. Ridiculous! Going into the half 52-54 Wizards. 

In the third quarter, I'm reminded what a thug Kris Humphries is. He does a "pull the chair out" move on Carlos Boozer. Why am I not surprised?! Kris Humphries and Paul Pierce have Celtic, green, thug blood and should really be on that team. Just saying... All thugs belong on the Celtics. No one tops KG though, but still. Wizards leading at this point. Let's see who wants this win more.

What happened to the Kobe Bryant that never missed free throws and would keep track of how many he'd get in a row. I hope Kobe reads this blog! Kobe's not getting too old to play ball, he's getting too wise! He's wise because he's become more of a selfless player now. Thanks Phil! I don't agree with Kobe losing his ego and getting all wise. He needs that ego in this sport. He needs just enough ego to take over some games, dominate, and make his free throws. Kris Humphries is getting some nice stats. He already has 18 rebounds by the end of the third quarter. Heading to the fourth quarter, Lakers down by 9 points.

Starting off this fourth quarter with some sweet enthusiasm. Swaggy P hitting some nice threes in this game. He's kind of firey tonight. Lakers really turning up the energy towards the end of the fourth quarter. They really want this win. But, clearly wanting wasn't enough. Damn! Lakers lose to the Wizards 111-95. Kobe stats were 29 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Nick Young had 21 points and 2 rebounds. Sucking up another loss, those are the only stats I'll share. Until the next game... #GoLakers