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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Scoop: The Pelicans vs. The Lakers

Here's the scoop on the most recent New Orleans Pelicans vs. the Lakers game: Kobe Bryant..."Feelin it!!"(as Stu Lantz would say). Kobe took some great shots. Kobe had that look in his eye in this game like he wanted to dominate as he does so well. Kobe Bryant rising to the occasion, hitting three three pointers early in the game.  It was a great shooting night for Kobe. There was a lot of improvement as far as teamwork from the Lakers as well as good defense and some great ball movement. I think Byron Scott would agree with me when I say that every game we seem to be improving. The team as a whole really looked like they came to play. Going into half time, a double pump at the buzzer shot by Wesley Johnson kept it exciting. As far as the Pelicans, like usual they dominated from the paint making some great shots. A little too many missed lay ups from the Lakers in the first half. Half ending at 51-48 Lakers down. Going into the third quarter Jordan Hill turning it up with some great shots. The Pelicans were dominating the first half of the third quarter despite all of the Lakers efforts. Kobe hit a nice three pointer to make the biggest deficit in the game a little less. I can honestly say that nothing's worse than seeing Kobe miss his lay ups. At least he makes up for it with his incredibly stable free throw shots. Ronnie Price unfortunately got ejected from the game in the fourth quarter from giving a flagrant 2 on Austin Rivers. Rivers missing both of his free throws. 7minutes left in the game and the Lakers with a 20 point deficit with no sign of defense anywhere at this point. Pelicans getting their fourth win of the season. Other than Kobe's stats of 33 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists, it was another unfortunate loss for the Lakers. The final score was 102-109 which makes the Lakers 1-7. Good grief!

Looking forward to Nick Young  getting back in the game pretty soon. He's been recovering from thumb surgery but it looks as if he's expected to be back in the lineup next week (or soon, I hope). He's the bestest! I miss seeing Nash on the court! It's unfortunate, but it makes sense that he's out for the rest of the season. But I must say, he is truly one of my all time favourite players in the NBA. On a positive note, looking forward to winning the next game. #GoLakers

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Go Lakers!
Love, xoxo