Monday, May 2, 2016

Happily Ever Disaster

Tearing my walls down
So I can heal that much faster
This pounding on my soul
Happily ever disaster

She curls up beside you
She creeps and you weep
My shadow just lays there
It cries while you sleep

A figment in your mind
A lingering burning desire
My life's been on hold
Without heat, without fire

Dreading you'll come back
With news that you fell
Your heart is mistaken
She's just under your spell

Laying here naked
My heart's open wide
But only for one love
Trembling deep inside

I know that you're with me
Although far away
Time doesn't change things
It just gets in the way

Your spirit is kinder
The kind that keeps peace
My heart you have stolen
Piece after piece

Come back but stay now
Don't ever let go
The strength of our fire
It burns but goes slow

Ease into my heart
It's delicate you know
Embrace my love gently
These feelings will grow

Endless is my love
Forever and complete
Put your hand on my heart
Listen to it beat

Happy in love now
Happy are you
Happily ever disaster
My dream has come true