Wednesday, April 13, 2016

27 Successful People That Sleep Less

These people all have one thing in common. They sleep less and are all successful in life. We all want to be successful. But, not sleeping? Well, if you want to follow the sleeping pattern of these successful people, you need to realize that it's not just sleeping less that will get you to great success. There are a few other factors as well. All of these successful people that sleep less have more in common than you think. These successful people are all determined, driven, motivated, energetic, passionate, have faith, and they all work hard. They also put a lot of hours and time into what they do. But wait, there's more! They don't just need less hours of sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is crucial in being able to function at your best. This is why all of them may sleep less. But, the kind of sleep they're getting in uninterrupted, REM sleep. This is a great factor to all of their success, despite sleeping less hours.

 27 Successful People That Sleep Less

1. Aristotle Onassis - 4 hours
2. President Barack Obama - 6 hours or less
3. Benjamin Franklin - 5 hours
4. President Bill Clinton - 5-6 hours (during his presidency)
5. Dominic Orr (President and CEO of Aruba Networks) - 4 hours
6. Elon Musk (Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO) - 6 hours
7. Herbert D. Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines) - 4 hours
8. Indra Nooyi (Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo) - 4 hours
9. Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder and Square CEO) - 4-6 hours
10. Jay Leno - 5 hours
11. Kenneth Cole - 4-5 hours
12. Leonardo Da Vinci - 5 hours
13. Margaret Thatcher - 4 hours 
14. Marissa Mayer (Yahoo CEO) - 4-6 hours
15. President Ma Ying-Jeou - 4-5 hours
16. Mark Zuckerberg - 5 hours on average
17. Martha Stewart - less than 4 hours
18. Narendra Modi (Priminister of India) - 4-5 hours
19. Sean John Combs (aka Diddy) - less than 4 hours
20. Sergio Marchionne (Fiat CEO) - 4 hours
21. Stanley McChrystal (Former U.S. General) - 4 hours
22. Steve Reinemund (Former PepsiCo CEO) - 5-6 hours
23. Thomas Edison - 3-4 hours
24. Tim Armstrong (AOL CEO) - less than 6 hours
25. Tom Ford - 3 hours
26. Willie Gest (MSNBC Host) - 4 hours
27. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 5 hours

One last thing

It's important to know that not everyone that's successful sleeps only a few hours. Many intelligent people have slept late, and even took naps throughout their day. For example, Albert Einstein was known to sleep about 5 hours a night, and he took naps all of the time. Bill Gates believes that 7 hours of sleep is optimal. Beethoven was known to sleep 8 hours a night. Ellen Degeneres is known to sleep 8 hours a night as well. Leonardo Da Vinci slept in short, brief periods, sleeping 20 minutes for every 4 hours that he was awake. Da Vinci even had a sleep schedule named after him for his unique pattern of sleeping. He still only slept a total of about 5 hours, but I can assure you, his sleep was uninterrupted, deep, REM sleep. It ultimately depends on the person, or genius for that matter. But REM sleep is key.

So you see, it ultimately depends on many factors to become successful, and not just sleeping a mere few hours a night. However, sleep hours are accumulative. We all need sleep, but sleeping long hours, but not REM sleep won't create peace within your system. Uninterrupted REM sleep is a huge factor. Einstein must have had deep, REM sleep, but for long hours. That's what I think at least. Having said all of this, to be the best version of yourself, and to get the most success in life, it takes many other factors as well, like taking care of your health, your body, and living a predominantly healthy lifestyle. So what did we learn from this all? It depends on the person, but I'd have to say that if you're going to sleep less hours, sleep deep.

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