Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Girl and a Boy

They say that time heals
But they don't know a thing
Time doesn't heal 
It's a core with a string

They say time brings acceptance
Again, they are wrong
I don't accept it
But who cares, cause I'm strong

The strain on my heart
Like a push and a pull
Tied up in knots
The lemonade's still full

Rubber bands everywhere
Looks sloppy, people stare 
Your music still plays
Too lazy to care

The strands of my hair
Still lying on your floor
There won't be a next time
It's a four sided door

The chill is still shakey
The night is still blue
Part of me's aching
I wish that you knew

This hole feels so empty
When darkness comes near
Living without you
Sad but no tears

I try not to show it
The silence picks a fight
Forget you, forget you
My silence, my light

Roads are so long now
They're actually quite short 
Quiet and deserted 
Memories abort

Clawing the breath
Grasping for air
I know and you know
The love is still there

Blurry with visions
My head's on a cloud
Lying here naked
Embracing this crowd

Crawling back to me
Cause you fell and you fell
Empty but warm there
The linger of my smell

I knew you'd be waiting
Like December in the rain
I'd knew you'd come to me
But you left me in pain

The time is now here
But really it's gone
It doesn't exist now
Go on, but be strong

Don't cry cause you miss me
Don't cry cause you care
Your tears are so empty
Selfish in despair

Your words have new meaning
Fire and destroy
Starting all over
A girl and a boy